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Despite my pen name I am really more of a Harmony fan. I also love Gabrielle but just about any girl done well, who isn't Ginny works. I love Ginny, but she doesn't have to be with Harry, I just can't stand Ginny bashing when there isn't really canon evidence for it. Yes she was a fan girl, yes Harry's symptoms were more like love potion than real love, but I could see it happening...just, the monster in the chest was lust not love... Anyway I love Ginny, I like to see her happy even without Harry..I've been reading HP FF for a few years now and its hard to find good new stories that I haven't already read. I have been writing for over a year now as well and my personal hero's are the authors on this site, mainly kinsfire and jeconais though MyGinevra wrote the first HPFF story I ever read and I still love her Harry/Ginny story 'The Hogs Head'... Guess thats enough about me for nwo

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