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EdTheBeast posted a comment on Saturday 12th January 2019 6:04am for Chapter 4

This is being a great story. Excellently done.

DukeBrymin posted a comment on Thursday 1st November 2007 5:57am for Chapter 4

I'm really enjoying your story--it's definitely unique!
I did want to mention that you used the word 'voracity' in this chapter, when I think you mean 'veracity'.


Musings of Apathy replied:

Thanks.   I made the change live and in back-up and gave you credit for the help.

Thank you for your interest in my writing.

Mike (MoA)

arien043 posted a comment on Friday 12th October 2007 2:59pm for Chapter 4

I really like the story you've written. I don't normally enjoy H/G bonding stories, as they're altogether too unrealistic (Harry overly powerful, circumstances that are too good to be true, sickly sweet conversations and the like), but you've handled it beautifully. The only nitpick I have is a minor grammatical error, in this sentence:

"Her and her husband had their children late in life.."

Good job, overall. I'm off to read the next chapter!

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 28th July 2007 12:30pm for Chapter 4

Really good.


noylj posted a comment on Sunday 18th March 2007 5:55pm for Chapter 4

I hope invisible Harry can come out of hiding soon.
Enjoy story

tekajay posted a comment on Wednesday 14th March 2007 12:23pm for Chapter 4

Great storyline. Please continue.... Can't wait for MORE.....

jml0335 posted a comment on Wednesday 21st February 2007 1:14am for Chapter 4

What a lovely story, even better than Luna's Hubby. Update Soon please :)

ba_ceba posted a comment on Tuesday 20th February 2007 1:59am for Chapter 4

I love your story very much - please continue, I can ´t wait for next chapters :-)

oldman posted a comment on Friday 16th February 2007 6:56am for Chapter 4

even better at keepng up the tension. It is certainly going to be complicated keeping Harry a secret. And Mrs Lovegood sounded like an acomplished legimens so she will have the evidence to square Dumbledore with when you get round to letting him find out Harry is missing, I wonder what he will do to find out what has happened as he will certainly not want any pubicity. So now grandma is suspicious yet another plot tangle with Molly still not finding out. Please keep it coming. Ps Thanks for keeping the Cracked reservoir going.

snakehulk posted a comment on Tuesday 13th February 2007 11:32am for Chapter 4

i really like this story please update soon

wesley2 posted a comment on Friday 9th February 2007 12:38pm for Chapter 4

Ha-ha, this is great. "And if this is a hand fasting mark, where, pray tell, is your husband?" "He’s invisible." I Love it.

Seriously, I knew they were going to get married early in the story or rather I suspected it from chapter one. Don’t know why then you had the rings being sent to him and it solidified the idea then it happened.

Wonder what the parents will say when they learn their baby is now an adult in the eyes of the ministry, or that she is really married for that matter.

I hope you post the next chapter soon.

Roy1 posted a comment on Monday 5th February 2007 11:19pm for Chapter 4

aaarhg!!! you are evil...purely and truly evil...I am now torn as to which of these two fics I want you to update next...oh hell with it, Cracked can sit on the burner for a few, I want more of this. Love the twists and turns that I have read to this point. I will be the first to admit my reviews are short as I dont pick out specific passages or go point by point through any of the fics I have read, but this is one of the most original bunnies I have read in a long time, I am looking forward to seeing how the sitch with the Dursleys is resolved and how Albus is going to handle the notification that a Ginevera Potter will be attending Hogwarts.

ShadowNixxie posted a comment on Saturday 3rd February 2007 9:32pm for Chapter 4

Aww... You can't just leave it off like that! It's mean! *pouts* Seriously, though, this is really good... Reminds me a bot of Luna's Hubby (I think that was the name of it). I can't wait to read more!

twilightxpanic posted a comment on Saturday 20th January 2007 1:01pm for Chapter 4

Oooooh, I cannot wait to see what she tells her grandmother and the effects of the marriage bond-thingy.

Lincoln posted a comment on Friday 19th January 2007 7:51pm for Chapter 4

Wow! I just stumbled across it when firefox got ridof all my bookmarks, and i found the RSS feed on!

This is great, i can't wait to see what happens in the next instalment. Keep it up!


Erik Wiggins posted a comment on Thursday 18th January 2007 3:11pm for Chapter 4

Absolutely love this, please keep it going!

Deborahsu posted a comment on Monday 15th January 2007 12:42am for Chapter 4

This is a truly unique story. I'm enjoying it very much. Kids! LOL!!!! I hope you'll be updating soon.

artdam posted a comment on Saturday 13th January 2007 11:53am for Chapter 4

Great Story.
Ah, what a wonderful world without Voldemort and all the sorrow that will be in the future.
I hope that you'll keep writing.
Children are incredibly strong, aren't they? With all the harm that can befallen them they bounce right back.

Pritty posted a comment on Friday 12th January 2007 7:30am for Chapter 4

I'm just going to say...


MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Wednesday 10th January 2007 8:05am for Chapter 4

A little young to be undergoing handfasting rituals aren't they? Liked the Grandmum Prewett bits, especially that she can catch you in a lie.

Please keep writing this is a fun story.