Content Harry Potter

NaNoWriMo Attempt

Status: In progress on 14th Apr 08
Rating: Teens
Genre: Fluff,Humor,Romance
Word count: 78,202
Reviews: 701
Chapters: 9
Also available as: Epub | pdf | mobi | lit | txt

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley meet while they are very young and become quick friends.   Ginny knows that Harry's life is less than happy and makes an offer of a friendlier place to live.   Harry doesn't take her up on the offer until one bad night.   A story of growing up together where all you want to do is make each other happy.


Status: In progress on 14th Feb 07
Rating: Teens +
Genre: Action/Adventure,Humor,Romance
Word count: 161,495
Reviews: 723
Chapters: 47
Also available as: Epub | txt | pdf | lit | mobi

Can Harry control his vast new well of power before it consumes him? H/G, R/Hr, Post OotP.

Status: Completed on 9th Feb 06
Rating: Young Teens
Genre: Humor,Romance
Word count: 2,204
Reviews: 58
Chapters: 1
Also available as: Epub | txt | pdf | lit | mobi

H/G OneShot (Complete): A dance is announced where the girls ask the boys. However, Harry is nowhere to be found.