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Hilary McKenna posted a comment on Wednesday 7th November 2007 10:30am for Chapter 7

I'm thoroughly enjoying this story and hope that you'll update again soon! I'm looking forward to having the Weasleys' discover Harry presence and his marital status. Please, please write more soon!

Millie Johanson posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 4:04pm for Chapter 7

Dear Mike (MoA)I am a great H&G fan..
I just read your other reviews and one was Milygo do you know them???? I have been looking for theire stories for several years now my email I copied Milygo HP and The Final battle (HP training while asleep)one day and the next it was off the net. It is one of my all time favorits do you know if they wrote more???
Thanks Miss Millie

Millie Johanson posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 3:34pm for Chapter 7

Pleaseeeeeee Update soon I have copied your story and every one who read it loves it.

Keep up the good work.

gumpieke posted a comment on Sunday 14th October 2007 7:44pm for Chapter 7

An amazing and captivating story so far. I hope you keep on writing it. I really want to know how it continues.

That said, please don't forget about your other story. 'The Cracked Resevoir' deserves to be continued.

Wayne Benge posted a comment on Tuesday 9th October 2007 11:32am for Chapter 7

I am enjoying this story. I haven't seen one quite like it.

Alexis posted a comment on Saturday 6th October 2007 12:26pm for Chapter 7

This is an excellent story so far! I'm curious to see when someone will either see Harry or discover he is missing from his relatives. After Ginny and Harry shared thier first wedding vows, it was mentioned that the rings were still in Harry's pocket. Did they never put them on? Now that Ginny's last name is Potter, I imagine it would be a big shocker if Molly saw mail addressed to Ginny Potter. This really is an excellent story and I hope that you can update soon!

Milarqui posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd October 2007 3:34am for Chapter 7

It's a very good story, this one. It is possible for you to submit next chapter ASAP? Thank you!

squiditch posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd October 2007 1:35am for Chapter 7

I've really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to reading what happens next. When will they be found out? How will Molly and Arthur take it? What about Ron? Now that their married, are they considered adults despite their young age?

It's such a fresh outlook on the story. Thank you :-)

Sssith posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd October 2007 12:30am for Chapter 7

Fun simple chapter. Looking forward to when the cat is out of the bag...

Sandrine Lupin posted a comment on Friday 28th September 2007 9:08pm for Chapter 7

this is really a good story and an interesting idea.
I'd love to know the next chapter.
I hope that all will be ok for Harry and Ginny...
I encourage you for the next chapter, because I know how much work it is and a lot of paience is needing to write a good story like this.
So good luck
(sory for my poor english I'm french)

snuffles007 posted a comment on Tuesday 25th September 2007 1:02pm for Chapter 7

Great story! I do wish that it had more pace to it, but I am enjoying it very much. Keep the updates coming!

koppe posted a comment on Monday 24th September 2007 6:59am for Chapter 7

Another great chapter of one of my favourite stories.
So now with Harry and Ginny's second cermony, they've fully comitted to eachother? Or is there one more to go?
So they managed to sail through the extra money too? And it [i]is[/i] Harry who owns the land? Would be great if he had a manor nearby, where he and Ginny could shack-up...
I assuming things are moving towards the eventual discovery -- hope it'll happen while everybody are home.
Keep up the great work, and please updated soon.

clayton day posted a comment on Saturday 22nd September 2007 1:54am for Chapter 7

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments especially Nyeshet's However a stray thought crossed my mind as I did. What if it was common in the wizarding world for a husband and a wife to attend classes together?

Can you envision Molly's reaction when next summer a Hogwarts letter arrives for Mr. & Mrs. Harry Potter and Ginny has to confess that she is Mrs. Harry Potter. <G>

oldman posted a comment on Friday 21st September 2007 6:35am for Chapter 7

Sorry I haven't reviewed lately. Been reading in too much of a hurry. I like this tale and its gentle pace yet you leave all sorts of threads to explore later. One thread you've not played with lately is Harry and Ginny's magic. They did collect several wands when in their vault and still have to take some back. Another thing is the rings from the vault; Harry does have some rings still to put on and give to Ginny.
I like the description of the twins in this chapter and anticipate a lot more from them with Harry and Ginny before H&G get near Hogwarts. After each marriage event magic itself seems to respond is this making them more powerful as well as making them more of a unit?

hptrump posted a comment on Thursday 20th September 2007 1:18pm for Chapter 7

Harry and Ginny need to get at least 7 marriage ceremonies done before anyone finds out. Making the bond so strong no one can stop it. Remember 7 is the most powerful magic number. I wonder if 7 times 7 would be just as strong or stronger?

hptrump posted a comment on Thursday 20th September 2007 1:12pm for Chapter 7

This story is like gold. Waiting for next post.

Milygo posted a comment on Thursday 20th September 2007 9:25am for Chapter 7

Love the story. I hope you update again soon.

n4zhg posted a comment on Sunday 16th September 2007 11:07am for Chapter 7

Another spelling error: "alter" should be "altar". Damn homonyms.

Musings of Apathy replied:

Someone pointed that out, and I fixed it online.   If you refresh your copy, the problem should go away.

Thank you for aour attentive reading.

Mike (MoA)

Jeff posted a comment on Saturday 15th September 2007 10:08pm for Chapter 7

This a great story. I've enjoyed it since the beginning, I just wish you had more time to work on it and updated it a lot more often. The long waits can be a bit of a pain. By the way, I like the other story too, but this one is better so finish this one before going back to the other one.

Deborahsu posted a comment on Saturday 15th September 2007 2:39am for Chapter 7

This story truly is amusing as the Weasleys and the Potters intertwine. WHEN will the Weasleys find out that they have Potters living with them, though, I wonder? Ginny's Hogwarts letter would be a rather shocking way to break the news, and I really can't see them keeping it a secret THAT long!