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EdTheBeast posted a comment on Saturday 12th January 2019 8:06am

Thought this was completed. It is an excellent story. will put it in my uncompleted file to check on later.

EdTheBeast posted a comment on Saturday 12th January 2019 6:04am

This is being a great story. Excellently done.

EdTheBeast posted a comment on Saturday 12th January 2019 4:37am

This is a great story of a young Harry & Ginny.

Alpha The Lynx posted a comment on Monday 27th November 2017 6:11am

Love this story :D

Fic Chick posted a comment on Saturday 19th August 2017 7:22am

I'm really enjoying this fic and hope you haven't abandoned it.

jmacleve posted a comment on Tuesday 15th March 2016 9:43am

Here we are after all this time ... I found this site because I wanted to read "Sunset over Britain" and now I've found your wonderful story -- and, alas, it's not finished.

I'm guessing at this point it's moot, but if you ever decide to re-up this, I'd love to read more. Thanks for a pleasant diversion.

Miss Millie posted a comment on Sunday 25th October 2015 1:29pm


I hope at some time you write more on this story, I hope who gives the awards has writers finish the stories as I read by the awards think g that oh well I just wanted you to know even if you don't think we are reading your hard work we are I can't even think sometimes what to say to a writer nothing that will encourage them to keep writing or to finish it because I tell everyone who will listen your story or children who I'm babysitting for. Not all my friends well lets face it none of my friends are fans of H&G stories but they love me so they listen if i don't take too long. I know I'm not over 1000 but some writers have that many reviews and still won't finish there story. I mean some who have given really helpful ones and are writers themselves two I thimk of Harry sends a note from the future and says get to know Ginny Weasley. The other I for got the name but I think Max and Phoenix somebody

Wrote one where Harrys parents are alive and he has to do some kind of test in a room and then in the middle Ginny shows up. I think it was written as a group thing I'm not sure I can find them now. But for a long time every Author had both as one of their favorits.

Someone named Milgo wrote a really good story I think more than one but some one stole her story put their name on it so she took all of her stuff off. I liked her story as she was graphic on the sex seen but she warned us so we could skip them very easy. As I wanted any stories that my granddaughters could read. It's why I love yours. And it's like a good friend, when I feel like rereading a story I look up yours.

Can you just put it on any moreEnough of my rambling I wish you and your family and friends the best of all you want and lots of blessing for the things you need. This coming Holiday Season.

Miss Millie

Miss Millie posted a comment on Thursday 10th September 2015 9:58pm


I just reread your wonderfull storý again if you are reading this Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease write more!!!

I hope your Muse is back and you both are doing well. I also hope your family is also well.

Good luck with all you do.

Miss Millie

Shinrei posted a comment on Wednesday 5th November 2014 12:35pm

Have you abandoned this story and if you have is it up for adoption? if so please let me know

LadyPhoenixFireRose posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2014 9:14pm

Love this story. I really hope to see it updated at some point. I have been in such a mood for Harry/Ginny childhood romances as of late... it is a pity though that it is so hard to find any that remember the child part... Fab story!

rocky_griffin_az posted a comment on Friday 14th March 2014 4:11am

This story is very good, i've recently read it again and hope that it isn't abandoned. I encourage you to continue on it, it's just getting to the really good parts.

JoeMcDermott posted a comment on Wednesday 5th February 2014 11:58am

Hey! What happens next? You're already AU; don't be constrained by JKR's lame plot devices in books 6 and 7.

Horcruxes are unnecessary complications; Dark Lords kill too many people for little or no reason anyway so making

horcruxes pale in comparison. Would Harry waste months searching while his friends are at the 'mercy' of DEs?

Would goblins have such dumb ideas about the sale of items they made? Of course not!

Anyway you haven't updated your excellent stories in years ; it's time .

mahhhfy posted a comment on Wednesday 4th September 2013 6:39pm

I've just read this story for the first time, and I've never read a story so touching. Even though Harry and Ginny are so young and there's a lot they don't understand, they still share a deep and pure love. I've never found a story that has been able to convey those emotions so well. I know it's too much to hope you'll come back to this or your other really great story, but please consider it, especially in the case of this story. At least give us one more chapter!! I was very sad to come to the end of this story and realize it wasn't the end. I have no idea how long it's been since you last posted for this, but it's been far too long. It's been 100 reviews ago. If you only ever post one more chapter for any story ever again, add to this story. It's one of the best I've ever read, and the emotions were so pure that I wanted to cry at some points. It's truly perfect, aside from the fact it's unfinished. I don't know what else to say to try to convince you to write more, but I would like to thanks you for posting what you've already written, because the experience of reading this was incredible. Thanks again, and I hope to see more.

CornedBee posted a comment on Saturday 12th May 2012 2:12am

Great story! I love how you capture the feel of such young children, making the story seem very realistic.

I hope you haven't given up on this story just where the tense parts start.

FeNo posted a comment on Wednesday 11th April 2012 2:05pm

I've enjoyed the story as you've put a lot of effort into the make-believe part of this what with the sudden moments of near-exposure that seem so perfectly normal for a child or the tree trunk at the altar scene... It really works out nice with the hiding in plain sight and all the chaos at the burrows will certainly make it improbable that somebody might notice food disappearing and finding out that it's the same guy every day who nicks it! So it's a truly enlightened scheme to set up a "early bonded" kind of story and it was heaps of fun to read too.

But then it suddenly ended. I'm a little bit disappointed that you seem to have lost your interest in this story as it just turned from amusing to mildly thrilling and therefore even more interesting. What will they tell Charly? What will Dumbledore try next? How will Molly and Arthur react when it's all coming to the light of day and WHEN will it come to said light? (Christmas when the condition "when all are together and happy again" would be certainly met? Or in the summer before Harry and Ron will go to Hogwarts? Or will Harry consciously sabotage his going in 1991 so he can join Ginny in her year? but that would mean at least 14 months living in hiding and possibly a bad shock when Ginny's letter came and told of her as Mrs Potter!

Plus... i somehow can#t see Harry living at the Burrow for so long a time without turning Ron into an owl treat... As ghastly as that boy has been to his mother and sister "lately" he has some pretty ugly accidental magic coming onto him soon. Which might give interesting options as to what might happen to Scabbers...

You see... you've made me think and there's a lot of stuff still wanting to be told in this tale. Any chance that some day a hot and despearate muse might come down from the heavens and start an intense bout of snogging leading to more "Inseparable" goodness?

Jane Average posted a comment on Friday 26th August 2011 11:01am

I think this is the only H/G story I regularly come back to. It's sweet and engaging, and I like how you've placed Harry and Ginny in what is very much an adult situation while still keeping them childlike, innocent, and imperfect in their secret-keeping. There are plenty of other fics with similar plotlines, and none that do it so well. Yours makes me remember when I saw H/G as organic to the books and actually looked forward to seeing how it panned out.

Molly's done really well, with her doting and her temper not reaching the levels of the suffocating shrew she often becomes in fanfic. You toe an equally difficult line with Dumbledore, acknowledging that he's overstepped his bounds and he's, at the very least, somewhat willfully ignorant, but you haven't turned him into a caricature, or made him overly manipulative or evil. It's very refreshing.

All in all you've put together an enjoyable fic that pops into my head every so often, wanting to be reread.

Deborahsu posted a comment on Wednesday 27th July 2011 7:24pm

I just re-read this and enjoyed it again. You DID say that you were going to continue the story, and I really wish you would! You apologize for its poor quality, but I look forward to what's happening next!

morally_challenged posted a comment on Wednesday 13th April 2011 1:36am

I've greatly enjoyed your story so far and while I'am sure you've hear it before I do how to read more soon.

Thanks for all your hard work,


nycginny posted a comment on Friday 19th November 2010 12:14am

I loved it and wish you continue it!

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 30th October 2010 12:49am

I have checked on this story several times since you posted your last chapter. It is such a great story. I really hope you will finish it someday. I hope you are well. A fan, pms