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Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 4th June 2006 3:26am

At first the return prank seemed a little standard, but linking it to 500 calorie intake and random animal transfigurations made it above standard.

The Runes explanation for the new transportation method was interesting. I appreciate that Harry wants to keep it out of the lofty intellectual reaches.

Then you dump an evil cliffy on us. Well done. Can't wait.

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Sunday 4th June 2006 2:00am

Was Bill the change I thought he went with Mooney, when he went to save the DA member. But I could be wrong. Great chapter by the way.


Charles Slone posted a comment on Sunday 4th June 2006 12:34am

intresting, wonder who's in trouble?

Mayjest posted a comment on Sunday 4th June 2006 12:34am

Hmmm, you appear to be petering off in update rates. I assume it's because that, now you're near where you were on SIYE, you're writing more new stuff rather than just editing?

Musings of Apathy replied:

Yes.   I have chapter 42 (the never before seen chapter) almost ready for the Betas.   With new chapters, bon't expect updates as often.   Thank you for reading.

Terry Swain posted a comment on Sunday 4th June 2006 12:14am

Great chapter.

ThunderGod posted a comment on Sunday 4th June 2006 12:03am

oh dear..I stand corrected..yes I do remember the next was a while ago with thousands of fics read in between then and now:}..excellent..


Manatheron posted a comment on Saturday 3rd June 2006 11:49pm


AWESOME! now you've gone and left us at a cliffy and i'll be wracking my brain trying to figure out who it is that could be under attack. I do have a question however, Don't you need a more precise destination than a road? roads can go for miles, if you don't have a specific enough address you would probably splinch yourself rather horribly all along that road.

Musings of Apathy replied:

The necklace gives a precise location.   That is as close as Harry could give with an interpretation.   The necklace doesn't give street addresses.   Besides, no splinching with portkeys.   Now there might be embarrassment if you accidently target the shower of the 85 year old grandmother next door while it is in use.

freakyfinger posted a comment on Saturday 3rd June 2006 11:37pm

I wonder who lives there . ..

ThunderGod posted a comment on Saturday 3rd June 2006 9:29pm

I bets she's just jealous that the voices only talk to him:}

Excellent Story..and now from more chap and that would bring us up to date with what had been posted on FFnet..and I wont spoil it..but it is good...


Musings of Apathy replied:

Ah, close.   Two more chapters, but I find it thrilling that you are following my story for a second time.   I was up to chapter 41 when it was deleted, but you could have missed my posting of the last chapter easily.   I just finished writing chapter 42 first draft, so things are coming.   Thanks for reviewing.

eric14 posted a comment on Friday 2nd June 2006 11:00pm

I read your story the first time around at SIYE and thougholy enjoyed it and I'm enjoying your rewrite even more. Keep it up! I can't wait for new chapters beyond where you left off at 41

Donald McLeod posted a comment on Thursday 1st June 2006 5:51pm

I like this story very much. In away Harry and Ginny also pranked Tom in not to harm Ginny and thus setting up Draco for a one on one "TALK" with maybe Tom. Oh this is so good. Thank you.

Norman McKenzie posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 1:24pm

Harumph... Voices.

Great story!

Manatheron posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 11:04am

Personally I think harry should have put a time-delayed spell on the 'winners' trophey for a little payback ^.^

Excellent chapter, I eagerly await the next one!

Musings of Apathy replied:

Yes, but what payback would be sufficient and appropriate for the winning prank?

Taloruyas posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 3:18am



More of your writing is required for me to keep my insanity. Too much contact with the real world will turn me sane, which is a baaaaad thing.

So myeah, you rock and stuff. Though paper beats rock...
What colour socks do you usually wear anyway?

Musings of Apathy replied:

That for the review.   And black.

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 9:53pm

I'm glad you stuck with George's prank I voted for George when it was on fanfic. It was the best prank, It was the only prank he could not avoid in any way shape or form.


Musings of Apathy replied:

I agree.   The others, he could end up enjoying somehow.   The enjoyment of this won't come for a while.   I'm glad that you and many others picked it the first time around.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 8:27pm

Well written recap of the pranks.

Excellent ongoing family dialogue revolving around the telling.

Then you throw us the voices-in-my-head curve ball.

Well done.

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 6:35pm

A very good chapter. I like Harry getting the best of Draco on the train "again"! It was nice hearing the side conversations on the way to the Burrow. The rehash of the "prank" war was
good. I like Harry's decision about the winner.
George was a good choice for the winner. I can't imagine a teenage boy receiving the "talk"
from his sternest female teacher and the "nurse"! That was brilliant! Thanks for writing. pms

Amamama posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 5:51pm

"Voices, Harry?" He sure knows how to scare his girlfriend, doesn't he? I agree with the voices, though. All the pranks were cool, but this was the one that had lasting effect that couldn't be outdone by "going commando" or something. Way cool!

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for having chapters short enough for me to squeeze into a rather busy schedule.

Bernd Jacobitz posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 2:20pm

Very nice redo of the chapter posted on FFnet.
the changes are very minor thus keeping the good quality.

Mariposa posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 1:00pm

Wow! Great chapter! I loved "the Talk" prank the best too! But you left out the part about Hermione kissing Harry! I liked that part and it would be perfectly fitting to embarrass both new family members at the meeting. I would've also liked to hear George's acceptance speech but the ending to that was perfect! What was with the roses on her bed, I think I missed that?!? Keep up the good work! Great chapter!

Musings of Apathy replied:

Originally I had a bit on Hermione kissing Harry, but I cut more than 2000 words in order to not have as boring of a chapter and added the trainscene with Draco.   I believe that it is a lot better now than before.   Thanks for reviewing.