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crazyazunboy posted a comment on Monday 28th July 2008 6:02am

Great story...I read it over and over again, even if it isn't finished yet. Can't wait to read the rest of it.

Bree Peeler posted a comment on Sunday 27th July 2008 8:37am

When are you going to update again? Its been months!

runnerman87 posted a comment on Friday 25th July 2008 4:46pm

They saw Wild Wild West, didn't they?

Muggleborn182 posted a comment on Saturday 19th July 2008 12:53pm

Are you ever going to update?

Tabi posted a comment on Thursday 17th July 2008 9:00am

Poor Draco, can't help but pity him.

LoneWolf282 posted a comment on Sunday 6th July 2008 6:56am

Really like this story, but see it's been abandoned. Any chance it'll be completed later?

Mainul posted a comment on Tuesday 1st July 2008 1:39pm

Nice plot ...... When you are gonna post the next chapter????

Grace Cole posted a comment on Wednesday 25th June 2008 12:41pm

Wow!!! I had never read this story before. Then I found it recommended on someone's site. I couldn't stop reading! I am desperate to find out what happens. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

Malchior posted a comment on Sunday 15th June 2008 11:02am

AH NOO, Why'd it have to end now? I'm hoping you update this soon, but if not, I'll wait.

That little red dot on your forehead is NOT a laser sight. No pressure :)

Dragen posted a comment on Thursday 12th June 2008 7:37pm

Another great chapter mate, I do love how the story is going and the planks that are being pulled, I think that this one is the worst. Being given 'the talk' by McGonagall and Madame Pomfrey, how evil of Grorge.

Jdnokc posted a comment on Thursday 12th June 2008 4:14pm

is this story ever going to be finished or is it abandoned?

tthief posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2008 1:35pm

im just wondering if this story was going to be continued? i first read it at and just reread it yesterday and i would love to know if there was going to be more. Anyway just wondering, it is a great story.

Patches posted a comment on Monday 5th May 2008 4:49pm

Leave it to Malfoy to make a sport a death trap for one of his enemies. He knew exactly what he was doing. If Harry hadn't saved Ginny she would have died. Now Dumbledore has expelled him but that doesn't mean he will cease to be a problem. I look forward to more of this story. I know you have many other things to do but I really hope you continue. Thanks for writing. pms

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Thursday 17th April 2008 10:51am

I do hope this continues, it's just getting good!

k13cat posted a comment on Thursday 20th March 2008 3:02am

I guess this will teach me to doublecheck the status of a story. A friend gave me the link to the first chapter & I assumed the story was finished--really, with 47 chapters why wouldn't it be? Silly reader.

Still, I've had a lot of fun reading this story the last two days. There are a lot of interesting concepts & plot lines to follow & I like Harry's portrayal. I will say that there is a bit of emotional disconnect for huge chunks of the story; I just don't feel what Harry is feeling which lessens the experience.

A credit to your writing is that you've managed to tone down Hermione's incessant whining & sense of outraged entitlement to know every last detail of Harry's life to a bearable level--too many writers fall into that annoying trap. (They do that with Ginny too which explains why I don't like either girl most of the time). I am surprised that Hermione wants the answers to the runic transport just handed to her. You would think she could have paid Harry a compliment about it by now.

The ginny/harry sap gets a bit much at times but I've seen worse. However, the reaction to when he & bill went off alone to investigate the pendant alarm proves that she still has a lot of growing up to do.

The development of the animagus transformation has been interesting. I particularly enjoyed Harry's summer of learning & the reclamation of the Chamber of Secrets. Your follow-through regarding plot moments with Remus needs a bit of work as his character, & the relationship with Harry, is rather inconsistent.

It would be nice if you could put a note on the news page as to whether or not readers should just stop hoping for a continuation. I know that real life & writers block happens, but after a year with no updates just a line of info so people don't whine at you incessantly in reviews goes a long way. :-)

Good story, nice plot development, and suspense. Thanks for sharing your talent.

DukeBrymin posted a comment on Thursday 21st February 2008 8:07am

Very interesting and enjoyable story. I'm glad Malferret got expelled, and we of course know that Ginny will be all right. I'd love to see this finished, but at least what you have is exceedingly fun to read.

timt020 posted a comment on Sunday 20th January 2008 4:12pm

Please update soooooooooooon!!!!!

Omeganian posted a comment on Thursday 10th January 2008 3:52am

I mean, really, Malfoy has harmed Ginny and seems to have fulfilled the prophecy. I wish you will write soon about him getting it from his own side...

Aelita posted a comment on Friday 23rd November 2007 10:04am

WOW this is so good! But you have to finish it and fast!

hptrump posted a comment on Sunday 18th November 2007 6:43am

Been a long time since last update. Hopefully you will update soon.