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freakyfinger posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 11:30am

Yah! I'm not the only schizophrenic!

Musings of Apathy replied:

Harry is occasionally troubled, but in this case, the voices are the many people that voted during the original posting of this story.   Thanks for your support.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 11:21am

Voices in his head? Do I need to reread something or is this new???

Musings of Apathy replied:

No need to reread.   That is just a tribute to the many readers of the original posting of this story that voted on which prank was the best.   They will not appear again.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

AK posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 10:36am

I ask my pinkie...

Musings of Apathy replied:

O-o-o-Ka-a-ay.   I assume that you are talking about one of your fingers, because otherwise...

That little bit came as a recognition of all of my original readers that helped to make the decision for Harry.   i was too involved in each prank to pick between them.   I couldn't separate what was written from what still was in my head that the readers didn't know about.   So I had to ask them.

Thanks for reading and responding.

gummihu posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 10:09am

and I thought you would pick Ginny for someting, she's a Weasley too

Musings of Apathy replied:

Oh, she has been picked for something by Harry, but, alas, she was not directly involved in the Weasley Boys Pranking championship.

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 10:01am

Awesome chapter . . . I so liked the recap of the pranks too . . . I could remember all the pranks, I just couldn't remember who did what

Keep up the good work . . .


Musings of Apathy replied:

This was the result of the biggest rewrite I have ever done on one chapter.   From the original FF.n version, I deleted 2000 words and added the scene on the train with Draco.   The 2000 words come directly from a more detailed description of each chapter.   Bobmin correctly pointed out to me that the chapter wasn't good in its original version.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Mariposa posted a comment on Monday 29th May 2006 11:50pm

Lovely! I loved how Harry tortured Hermione and how sweet he was to Justin. The necklaces are too cool! Great job!

Graup posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 10:46am

I have really enjoyed this story.

Your sense of humor is a breath of fresh air, and has me chuckling regularly.

For example, the last 2 paragraphs of this chapter. Good one there.

I also like the fact that Harry gets to do a bit of thinking in your story. Hermione, while a big part of the story, is not the only brains that make up the group.

Thanks for sharing this chapter.

Terry Swain posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2006 6:59pm

Great chapter. :)

Patches posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2006 3:36am

Oh! What a great way to tweek Hermione! What a great gift for everyone! It looks like Harry is trying to save everyone he can where ever they might be. What a great Idea. I can't imagine how you ever came up with such a complex
idea. That is just grea! Thank you for writing. I am really enjoying this story. pms

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 9:40pm

Awesome!!! So who will figure it (about the crests) out first? Hermione or one of the Ravenclaws?

I am totally enjoying this story and wait *semi* patiently for the next chapter.

Keep up the good work.


Janeth posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 12:13pm

"Who won the Weasley Prank competition?" Please....

Musings of Apathy replied:

That would be...

Told in the next chapter.

Manatheron posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 12:10pm

Ginny wins, Obviously! ^.-

Excellent chapter, I Loved frazzled hermoine especally, but how would the ancient runes teacher figure it out? the privacy runes provent her students from showing her, or even telling her I'd think...

Ehm Looking foreward to the next update, Keep up the excellent work!

Musings of Apathy replied:

Well, i had to go check the scene between Malfoy and Harry as Malfoy tried to enter the defense meeting, and as I thought, there are no secrecy hexes, runes, curses, or charms.   The contract is about not misusing the information taught to harm innocents.   They could figure out that the crests are related to the pendants and that they are both made of runes.   If they do that, they could then tell the teacher.

Thank you for approaching this story with you mind engaged.   It makes writing it much more rewarding.

ThunderGod posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 11:30am

another excellent chapter...and thanks for removing the spoilers in my last review..forgot while I was typing it that others read them as well:}

I'll forget some of my memories of the story as I noticed some small things have changed..I think..after reading thousands of stories over the years, some things get forgotten..until I start rereading them again..anyway..great to get on the update alert list:}


Musings of Apathy replied:

Well, you certainly found the new chapter fast enough without being on the update alert list.   But welcome to it anyway.

TNaSeein' posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 11:21am

Chapter 38! We're getting so close to new and unchartered territory! Whoo-hoo! :-D

I guess that it's pretty obvious that I'm looking forward to some NEW chapters.

freakyfinger posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 11:03am

hehehe, nothing like a good old distraction to snuggle with your boyfriend or girlfriend . . .

David Thacker posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 10:44am

I am just waiting for you get this to the same spot that you have it at on the other sites so you can move foward with it.

Musings of Apathy replied:

Not too long now.   I am making good progress on chapter 42 now.   I will post that here and SIYE at the same time, with a note at SIYE that I will no longer post there.   This is the only site where I will be posting.

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd May 2006 8:45am

Your variations on the new and improved Room of Requirement were great.

But I must continue in my praise of your writing on the Animagus Transformation. Each time you amaze me more and more. Did you study these animals to get to where you could describe this so well, or did you just conceptualize this out of your imagination?

Either way - Brilliant!

Musings of Apathy replied:

Isn't Google great?   I googled the kinds of animals that I wanted, and what I found altered my mind's perception of what I wanted to describe.   I had thought of falcons being different coloring, but found that not to be.   What I described was what I found.   I was interested to learn that, while Lions have fixed claws, panthers have retracting claws similar to house cats.

I would recommend research to anyone describing anything in fanfiction.   A better description of a phoenix can be made if a person studies real birds on the net to find how they are actually put together.   For example, I found that Panthers do not have slit 'cat eyes'.   Their pupils are round.   However, most often you will find yellow eyes on black cats, so Harry's green eyes are a telltale, just as McGonagall's square glasses are.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

(Just noticed that I made Harry's panther eyes slit.   I changed it for anatomical correctness.)

ThunderGod posted a comment on Sunday 21st May 2006 6:29pm

umm..I read this on FF net..and there was another chpater posted..where {Spoiler deleted by Admin} won..afterall {spoiler deleted by Admin} was bad..evil even:}

Glad to see more of it..


Musings of Apathy replied:

Sorry, I had to take the spoilers out of your review, because yes, the results of the pranking contest are yet to come.   I don't want to spoil anything for the others.   Make sure to read that chapter, because it has been heavily rewritten.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 21st May 2006 3:24pm

I like this prank. It is really good. What a great way to prank a wizard. Make his magic do only one thing. A nice thing but too repetitive if it can't be stopped. One question though -- what would have happened if Harry had abeen attacked by someone? Was thee a failsafe mechanism in place so Harry could defend himself? Just a thought! Thanks for writing. pms

Musings of Apathy replied:

I bring this up later, but yeah.   Fred was watching over him.   And besides, would you want to tussle with a fully grown black panther in the woods?

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 21st May 2006 2:57pm

What a great prank by Fred! This was really good. It not only gives us some insight into the mind of a teenage boy but shows another idea
of ways to prank our friends. Thank you for writing. pms