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lily 101 posted a comment on Saturday 21st October 2006 7:41am

Loved it I couldn't stop laughing! Awesome chapter!

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Saturday 21st October 2006 3:24am

Nice to see a new chapter, thanks for sharing it with us.

Life's a Dance posted a comment on Saturday 21st October 2006 2:21am

Laughing my butt off here!

oldman posted a comment on Saturday 21st October 2006 12:21am

Thanks for keeping it coming. You still haven't explained just what happened when Harry's feet hit the road! You took us by surprise with this one and I am seriously looking forward to chap47. Puzzled by Harry's second form another cat. Is Ginny going to be another bird? Or can both be the same animal if needed?

KenF posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 8:15pm

I liked the grope scene.

morriganscrow posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 4:24pm

Excellent chapter, and the public frisking was a total hoot!
I love this story, do please post again soon.

zac posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 1:25pm

His girlfriend did a full cup and roll test on him in front of the whole school in the middle of Saturday breakfast.

holy crap that was funny posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 12:12pm

OUTSTANDING CHAPTER!!!! Oh that was so cool, I loved it. I loved the whole problem Harry has with magical forms of transportation. I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. How many Animangus forms is Harry going to have by the way? I do like how you had him slepp with Ginny in his newest Animangus form that was so cool and romantinc all at the same time. Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)

Sean Dillon posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 11:41am

Ginny panicking and checking Harry thoroughly to ensure he wasn't missing anything was classic. I can picture the stunned look on Harry's face as she grabbed the boys.

Nightwing510 posted a comment on Friday 20th October 2006 10:25am

I enjoyed reading your story. I liked the way you described what had happened to Bobby. And Harry's Appearation class.

Darthloki posted a comment on Wednesday 18th October 2006 1:02pm

"And you may, if you wish," the Headmaster said, "stop by the hospital wing and check on Harry on your way to the tower."

LOL! Loved Dumbles' way of breaking the news.

minervakitty posted a comment on Wednesday 18th October 2006 9:09am

You know, Draco's really stupid and won't survive in the real world and the muggle one as well. Will Harry mention to and encourage Hermione to commercially producing the type of journal that he's using? Why is Snape surprised that Harry is keeping his side of the bargain?

uberwald posted a comment on Tuesday 17th October 2006 1:34pm

I really need to stop reading unfinished stories. Now I'm watching and waiting anxiously for this one as well. :)

Good story.

Sterling posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 3:22pm

This has been an enjoyable story so far. My only two real criticisms is concerning your dialogue first. At times it is overly verbose. Generally, people don't take turns giving discertations to each other in casual conversation. Also you need to give your dialogue a more natural cadence. If you read it out loud and it seems awkward or unweildly you may want to rethink how you word things. The other thing I noticed is that Harry, despite his magical "flare up" has had thing quite easy. Harry is agreeing and accepting things to easily as well. While Albus is being entirely to accomadating to Harry. There is no real sense of conflict or drama yet.

These are just a couple of things I have noticed. I still have enjoyed reading your work and my opinion is by no means an "expert" one. Thanks for sharing.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 26th September 2006 11:20pm

Good one.


{review_anonymous_reviewer} posted a comment on Monday 25th September 2006 11:46am

good...really good...i started this on GP, then i read a few chapters on SIYE, and the rest over here...and i love it...very funny...the past few chapters seem a bit lagging, but it could just be mee...and the month long updates...but i understand why they take so long between updates, truely i do...

anyways...i love soon as i read this....

"Harry received encouragement in many forms from the Weasley family, from a 'Good show,' from Percy to campaign posters from the Twins if he should decide to raise a coup for the Ministry of Magic's head position. Harry thanked them all, but had to disappoint the twins firmly, lest he be elected without his knowing. He had a feeling that they would do it just as the ultimate prank on the entire wizarding world, foreign and domestic."

a plot bunny popped into my head and i wanted to ask your permission to use the Harry for Minister of Magic a prank by the twins on the entire wizarding world...please...let me know if i can...i would really appreciate will be funny (hopefully, not sure how i am a comedy) but can i use it...let me know, please, via e-mail...

my email is, so just email me with your answer....thanks so much...i would really like to do this plot bunny, and i think it will be fun...and i will give you credit when i post it for putting the idea in my head...

and i really do love it...tis hilarious...good story....thanks again

iceinferno84 posted a comment on Friday 22nd September 2006 4:06am

not to be picky or anything but the correct quote from macbeth is "lay on macduff" not lead. good story so far. posted a comment on Tuesday 19th September 2006 9:38am

OUTSTANDING STORY SO FAR!!!!!! I love it and I started reading this awesome story back when it was on I was saddened when they removed it from the site, I can't wait to see what happens next!!!! your an amazing writer and keep up the outstanding work:):):):)

lily 101 posted a comment on Sunday 17th September 2006 7:56am


Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Friday 15th September 2006 6:34pm

"Title-pending" is such a brilliant joke. Britpick - we don't have maple syrup unless it's Canadian usually & waffles aren't usual breakfast fare either. Otherwise I loved Harry dressing down Fudge and this was a really good chapter. More please.

Musings of Apathy replied:

Thanks.   I haven't had a britpicker beta since chapter 10, so there will be some mistakes.

Mike (MoA)