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DianaAlvarez posted a comment on Thursday 16th April 2009 11:20pm

i love this fanfic it are you gonna keep writing it and if so when this finshes will there a sequel

SassyFrass posted a comment on Sunday 12th April 2009 10:36am

I love this story. I'm so sad that you've abandoned it.
Crossing my fingers for an update!

millie johanson posted a comment on Sunday 12th April 2009 12:14am

Hello again,

Is anyone out there???????
I Googgled and found out you are Famous.....

If you have been sick I am sorry and most of my friends that I have told your story too.

Please let us know then you could at least get some prayers to get you well HsHa - instead of us wanting to call your mom and tell her you cant watch tv again until you write another Ch.

You can't take us on such a lovely drive and leave us in the woods with our own way to end the story. Please what can we do to get you to write more????? come clean your house do your homework???

I am not complanniing but do you kow how many writers I have read as they were writing their stories? I can send you a list of the ones I have copied and had to put in Stopped because they just got tired of writing or life gets in the way. Life I can see.. but we aren't Playing golf or sky diving traveling the world we are sitting home wainting for out meggar Ch of 15 stories we are reading hopping for some thing from the author to keep us going. HaHa

Pleaseeeeeeeee write more on this story....

This is another one I fell in love with and it is in my stopped file...

PhoenixAetemum- stopped - (Janus) Gift From the Past, Promise For the Future If you know him or them tell them we are still out here.....thanks for the ride ....
I will wish you good luck in all you do and hope it leaks out to us. HaHa

Miss Millie

SilentSlytherin posted a comment on Tuesday 24th March 2009 5:08am

I would love to see move of this story.

Alex Mcpherson posted a comment on Friday 20th March 2009 3:08am

okay, now, i just gotta ask, have you abandoned this story? I know you're active in various fanfic communities, but heard nothing about your own progress on your fics.

*snort* I'm one to talk though... just got back onto one story i hadn't done anythign for in two years...

Alex Mcpherson posted a comment on Thursday 19th March 2009 9:26pm

that last sentence...

Has anyone written where hogwarts writes them to say "Sorry, but you have not been accepted"?
Not expelled, i mean, don't even start, etcetera.

~it'd be funny if that happens for the twins mebe, although I imagine that as a certain Defence professor they have for first year doing that to them, having heard from bill, charlie and percy in say, percy's first year (he's trading off years!) what the twins are like, and he suggests that to Dumbledore... hehe.
Then that brings up a thing of why he took that 'year' off between percy's third and seventh years, when Harry's an ickle firstie.

Alex Mcpherson posted a comment on Thursday 19th March 2009 6:36am

wanted to come back to read this.

Found a typo near the end - can't remember if there were others before hand though.

Ginny says this: "If you're Lord Potter, you're wife would be Lady Potter."

Even though they're kids and typo's usually correlate to how they say things, your and you're are said the same, unless you are speaking without contractions in which case the transcripted lines would show no contractions.
Therefore, the line should be:
"-your wife would be-".usually, it's only changes in pronunciation (or sayign the wrong word) that gets carried over to written. Like wi' Hagrid Talkin'. Aboot that, yer.

eg posted a comment on Saturday 27th December 2008 2:35pm

wow...great chapter. Please update soon. THis deserves attention lol...seriously it's a good story and I'd love to read more.

ReaderRabbit posted a comment on Monday 22nd December 2008 12:39am

I just discovered your stories. I was very leary about reading this one as it seems to be almost dead with 9 chapters in 2 years.

It is a fantastic story and I hope you will continue and speed your posts.

I have read easily a 1000 stories on various sites and can count on one hand the number of authors I have pleaded with to continue their stories so I hope you will take this as the huge compliment it is meant as.


millie johanson posted a comment on Saturday 20th December 2008 2:51pm

Hello, are you still out theire???????
I hope you and your family are well and are enjoying this Christmas season.
Good luck with your writting.
I am spending a lot of time writting Authors of my favorit stories asking if they are ok and are going to write more! We are snowed in out for one day and it started snowing again this is the 2 time in two weeks no church. I have lots of time to read.....but 2 of my favorit stories and some authors haven't written in over a year.This, Family Inseparable and Janus Gift From the Past, Promise For the Future (MaxFic &PhoenixAeternum told me they aren't writting this so I don't know who is but I love it.
Please write more....maybe a christmas present to us for being so good and waiting..........
Thanks for taking us for the ride.
Happy Christmas to you and your family..
Miss Millie

LizzieB posted a comment on Monday 15th December 2008 8:32am

I love this story! The threads are finely interwoven and promice one heck of a confrontation when the time is right. Please continue to add to this lovely story. Thanks for your work.

Katherine Summers posted a comment on Thursday 4th December 2008 3:27pm

This is such a cute story! I really hope you're going to continue it.

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 12th October 2008 6:23am

I just reread this chapter. I really like this story and I look forward to your next update. I hope everything is going ok with you and that you are still writing. Thank you for your great stories. pms

Carolyn Jinn posted a comment on Friday 10th October 2008 10:48pm

This story has the real makings for a great read. The plots are great.

Please update soon as I can't wait to continue reading about his adventures and how they are going to keep getting away with their marriage.

When is someone going to stumble across Ginny's name change while checking on some sort of other information?

Please update soon. Thanks again for a great start to a story.

bluminous posted a comment on Monday 6th October 2008 3:03am

one of the better young harry and ginny pairings, explaining the bond developing between them. not the tadah! we have a bond! fics ive read. im really REALLY LOOKING forward to how this will turn up, family insparable is a good read. with great plots and character developments. dont stop!

hptrump posted a comment on Sunday 5th October 2008 9:06am

Please don't give up on your story. This is one of the best I have ever read. Can wait for the next chapter.

Professor Complexity posted a comment on Monday 29th September 2008 12:24am

Once again a rather good piece of work. I look forward to the next update.

Godogma posted a comment on Wednesday 17th September 2008 6:13am

A lovely tale, and quite a good one. It seems that in this universe of the wizarding world Harry is quite happy at a much earlier age. I quite approve.

I haven't noticed any glaring errors, however I did note that you used bangers several times and a british friend told me that bangers was only used when they were being spoken of (whats a banger? Some sort of sausage?)

I look forward to your future updates.

Comet Moon posted a comment on Saturday 6th September 2008 7:53am


Sorry, had planned to review this the first time, but forgot.

Came back hoping for more and realized I hadn't

So here goes.

Albus is digging his own grave. He knows the abuse now, yet plans to PAY for them to keep him.

Bat Bogey is to good for him

A new love/marriage with the innocents of a child's(Childrens) heart.


I wonder who will be the next to find out about them. And how they will react?

Is Bill still living at home? You said he was starting with the bank, but not where he lived.

I'd still love to have Luna preform one of the cerimonys. Or even another mystical creature.

So the charm is powerful enought to cause Molly to see a branch and Log.


What a way to think of her son-in-law.

You know, maybe Arthur would be next trying to check Ginny's information for either school or minisry and finding her new name.

OR a reporter (Not nessiarily Rita) looking for info on the Boy Who Lived.

Hope to see more soon

Faithful (If forgetful )Fan

Ja ne


Carol Layland posted a comment on Friday 18th July 2008 4:24am

When are you going to update this wonderful story? I keep watching for an update, another chapter, or something. Please. You do have a wonderful start here