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MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2007 2:41am

Great Story, I can't wait to see what happens when everyone finds out about Harry and how long he has been there and the him and Ginny are married.

Update soon!

Mrs.TiffanyPotter posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2007 1:14am

Another great chapter. I love that Grandma is supportive of the young couple. How much longer can Harry hide from the Weasley'? The resulting explosion will be interesting to see.

Wolfric posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2007 12:29am

Nice chapter. I continue to enjoy your story. Please keep writing and thanks for what you have written. W.

Meg posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2007 12:17am

This was a very enjoyable chapter, and I loved the lunch with Grandmum Prewett. My only questions is, isn't Grandmum Molly's mother, not mother-in-law?

Thanks for the update!


Musings of Apathy replied:

I only refered to her being Harry's grandmother-in-law and Arthur's mother-in-law, never to her being Molly's mother-in-law, as far as my recheck goes.   Was this in a previous chapter?

Thank you for your review.

Mike (MoA)

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2007 12:07am

And Hogwarts won't know what hit it when they arrive! Great chapter. I like the way Ginny's grandmother is so sensible about the whole thing. The game of Wand Tag was also brilliant. More please. Good stuff.

theplatonist posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2007 12:00am

Thanks for the chapter! Just the other day I was thinking about this story.

LizzieB posted a comment on Monday 23rd July 2007 11:51pm

I love this story. Because of their ages this story is unique. However, in Chapter 1 you gave Ginny's age as seven, therefore Harry would have been eight. So now she should be eight, and Harry nine. That also has to be correct since the twins are going to school this year, and the twins are two years ahead of Harry and Ron. Loved the scenes between H/G and Grandmum. What is her motivation to keep the secret form Molly, especially when she would know her likely reaction?

Musings of Apathy replied:

Damn, you're right!   I'll go change it now and claim that I never got wrong in the first place. ;)   No, I'll give you full credit for catching me out on this one.

Thank you for the review.

Mike (MoA)

Sheepstamper posted a comment on Monday 23rd July 2007 11:40pm

Nice update, although I would have thought that Grandmum Prewett would have been a little more forceful when interrogating what Harry and Ginny have done….Keep up this story…….....Sheeps

Kail posted a comment on Monday 23rd July 2007 11:35pm

Something just occured to me - if they will be "learning together" with the magical world's way of binding things, would that mean that they're going to get their Hogwarts letters the same year? Even better, since Ginny is now a Potter, wouldn't that name appear on hers even if she gets hers when she is still ten?

Musings of Apathy replied:

I'd say 'wait and see' but I'll partially answer your question now.   Mrs. Prewett was referring to something bigger than school.   She was referring to their life, love and marriage.     And, yes, whenever she gets her letter, it will be addressed to Ginny Molly Potter, the Burrow.

Thank you for your review.

Mike (MoA)

Seritha posted a comment on Monday 23rd July 2007 11:18pm

It's really getting good, I am curious to see what happens next. That and I've been waiting for this to update, I had to do a double take when I realized it had. So I'm guessing the family is going to come across Harry soon.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Monday 23rd July 2007 11:04pm

Nice, and really enjoy the scenes withGrandmum Prewett, and looking forward to what will happen later on because of the wedding vows.

Greg Johnson posted a comment on Monday 23rd July 2007 10:46pm

Another great chapter. Can't wait for the next one. Keep up the good work.

john2 posted a comment on Monday 23rd July 2007 10:43pm

Delightful as always.

A few nits: that's throne, not thrown


peeking, not peaking.


Musings of Apathy replied:

Thanks.   I changed it online and offline.

Thank you for your review.

Mike (MoA)

hptrump posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2007 10:04am

Please tell us you are going to update soon.

Jiapa posted a comment on Friday 13th July 2007 12:22pm

I just read these 5 chapters, and they're lots of fun. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Thank you for writing!

Ashley Drury posted a comment on Wednesday 11th July 2007 5:01am

Fantastic start to a really exciting plot. Please, please don't stop. So many stories are 5th year and older - we are dealing in magic here so why shouldn't you plot be a good one. So few people adopt the plot from pre-Hogwarts. It's refreshing and leaves me wanting to read more.

Please keep it up.

redwoodhouse posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 10:58am

What a nice story. Please continue to add to it. So many stories glory in the evil and pain instead of using it to move on to a better life. Although a bit unbelievable in some ways, it has been well done and I have enjoyed reading

rocky_griffin_az posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 1:51pm

AHH When's the next chapter comming out??? Are you going to speed up the storry line at all with neritive or skip time to hogwarts. i look forward to when the headmaster finds harry is not in the privet drive house anymore...Oh verry good story so far

rocky_griffin_az posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 10:14am

I'm Rereading the story, i like how it's coming along so far, this is actualy the fourth time i read the story and that with the fact i don't commonly reveiw lets you know that it is a aweson story i am continuing to read what's here but the only flaw i can find is there isn't enough LOL that means you need another chapter

Aberbadger posted a comment on Wednesday 20th June 2007 5:29am

"She complained that the tailors has purposefully tailored it too small, only to collect more quid on top of the outrageous prices they already charged."
A quick Brit-Pick point here... In this situation, most people, using the venacular, would say " more cash", although a less common word that would be used in the same case would be "more dosh" or, or course "more money". You only actually use the word "quid" in a rough amount that has been quantified (the exception to the rule being "a few quid" - you wouldn't really say a couple of quid, or hundreds of quid). Eg, £48.35 - you could say "forty-eight quid" or "fifty quid". You would NOT say "forty-eight quid, thirty-five. £212.89; you could say "two-hundred-and-thirteen quid", "two-hundred-and-ten quid", "two hundred quid" or "a couple of hundred quid". Oh and it is always quid, NOT quids. The only exception to that rule is the phrase "quids-in" - ie, you invest with these people, and you're quids-in suggesting something is a sure-fire moneymaker...
Just a little useless info for you...
Otherwise, I LOVE this story! Email me if you need any britpick help...

Musings of Apathy replied:

I would love to have you on as a Britpicker when this goes to a beta process.   I don't know when that will happen, but if you are offering, I will add you to my beta pool.

Thank you so much for the offer.   I have not had a britpicker four more than a year now.

Mike (MoA)