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squidtamer posted a comment on Monday 30th June 2008 6:39pm

I must say that I REALLY, truly enjoyed this story. I'm not the kind of reviewer that typically posts the standard "Squeee!! I loved it , post again soon!" kind of review. But this was so enjoyable that I'm almost tempted to. -_^

Overall there was very little wrong in spelling or grammar save a few minor typos here and there. The pacing was excellent, and overall story layout was very good. Characterization seemed to be right on the money for children as young as this, which I find to fail miserably in most stories that deal with most pre-teens. Especially dialogue. This seemed to work very well overall. Quite a standout.

I found myself unable to put the reader (I use a Sony) down and staying up quite late to find out when they would be caught, or reveal themselves. This also rarely happens to me with a fanfic. This means I gave a crap about the characters, which is rough thing to do with as many fics as I've read now. After all it's the same characters over and over. I'm not really a shipper of any kind either.

So keep up the excellent work, and thanks a ton for the entertainment and enjoyment you've brought me. I hope you continue to update this, as I'm interested to see how it all works out. I'm off to sample the other fics on your page here and maybe take a brief look at other sites for more fics.

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 6:31am

I really love this story. I was just looking at the update frequency. You have been consistent. I appreciate how hard it is to write such a good story. I just wanted you to know that I check on this story often and I thank you for what you have written so far. I will keep checking on your updates. Thanks for writing. pms

John Ellery Gillingham posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 7:04am

I really like this story, so I'm reading it a second time.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Saturday 10th May 2008 8:32am

Oh...! What a lovely story you have begun. I just love it When will you post the next chapter or chapters.

Mariposa posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 2:26am

This is such a sweet story! I'm enjoying it immensely!

Mionefan posted a comment on Sunday 4th May 2008 11:06am

Oh, I am surprised that Molly wasn't able to see Harry. Excellent use of the Galaxy orb. They were lucky. I hope this is all exposed soon. It'll become quite sticky when it does. Dumbledore will hit the roof. Arthur may be the easiest to convince, Molly the hardest.

Mionefan posted a comment on Sunday 4th May 2008 2:19am

I think I read part of this before, so I've revisited it. It's good fiction, but I'm a bit surprised that Molly didn't asked Ginny for Harry's last name

bookish327 posted a comment on Wednesday 30th April 2008 8:55am

As another reviewer said, my first assumption is that Grandmum Prewett will tell Charlie that Ginny received the gold from her. However, on second thought, I hope that Grandmum chooses to tell the couple that now is the time to choose honesty and stop perpetuating this stressful sham. Whatever her response to the Potters will be, I'm sure you will make it more creative than anything I can currently come up with.

I'm already wondering how things will change when Arthur and Molly DO find out about this marriage. Will they let the couple continue to reside in Ginny's bedroom at the Burrow? Other bond fanfic's generally involved the Weasleys having trouble with this level of physical intimacy at Ginny and Harry's ages. Let alone the bathing together aspect. :-)

It is my hope that this will not be dragged out with several more "near-misses" where Harry is almost caught several more times. I also hope that Dumbledore doesn't determinedly cling to his plan for Harry to return to his relatives EVEN AFTER he's eventually informed of Harry and Ginny's marriage. With the level of verbal, physical, and psychological abuse they've inflicted on Harry, it's not worth the blood-protection that the wards provide. Also, I really hope that no one decides to have Harry and Ginny living separately (e.g., him at Privet Drive and her at the Burrow). I don't see these two allowing that to happen, no matter how much more protected Harry is from Dark wizards while he's there. They need each other too much, now that they've bonded so deeply. Also, the question of how they will be housed when they are eventually attending Hogwarts also makes me wonder (as I think another reviewer might have mentioned). Will they still be in the single-sex dormitories, or will they be given special living quarters in which to stay together as a couple? Will Ginny be able to start school the same year as Harry? (If so, obviously Luna will be a year behind her then, which isn't a HUGE problem, just a change, since Luna is a such a good friend of Ginny's.)

I know, these speculations are probably more suited to your forum than a review, but I haven't checked out the forum yet. I've enjoyed your story so much, and I can't wait to read the next chapter. Thank you for putting so much time and energy into your work. Great job!

bookish327 posted a comment on Wednesday 30th April 2008 2:32am

Okay. Well, now that I've re-read Chapter 3, I now remember that Harry didn't actually eat much during that first day he stayed hidden in Ginny's bedroom. Also, I realize that he didn't eat anything while he was still in Little Whinging on the day that he left Privet Drive. However, wouldn't it still be likely that he'd need to go to the bathroom sometime during his first day at the Burrow? I know I'm asking about a small detail in a chapter that was written a long time ago. I just wondered if there was already an explanation for this query.

Another great chapter. I enjoyed how the Lovegoods could see through magical disguises and were entranced by the Galaxy necklace. Of course, they would be the opposite of everyone else in the wizarding world. I also appreciated how calmly and politely they accepted Harry and their offer to take him to Gringott's. Ginny and Harry really need people who are "in their corner" as much as Luna, her father, and Pickrake are.

I also liked how you laid the groundwork for Ginny being a proficient caster of the Bat-Bogey Hex, because of Bill looking out for her future well-being.

I see more as I re-read this story how Pickrake really aided and abetted Harry and Ginny forming a magical bond. First, he sent them the invisibility cloak and the galaxy necklace to keep Harry out of sight, as he asked. Then, he got them thinking about Harry being Lord Potter at some point in the future, with there obviously being a Lady Potter, also. Since Ginny is the only person to have ever loved Harry and worried for his well-being (since his parents' deaths), it's natural that right now she is the only person he could ever consider marrying. Then, Pickrake mentioned the book in the Potter vault about wizard traditions and marriages, making them curious about what they could learn from this book. From there (if memory serves), they will learn about magical marriage ceremonies. Yes, Pickrake definitely helped put Harry and Ginny's bonding in motion.

Wonderful chapter.

bookish327 posted a comment on Wednesday 30th April 2008 12:44am

I've read this chapter before, but I noticed something new when I read it this time. For the first day that Harry was at the Burrow, he never left Ginny's room (when she was acquainting him with info about the wizarding world and bringing him food). After eating, drinking, and taking potions, wouldn't he have needed to use the bathroom sometime that day (especially since he was consuming more food than he was used to receiving at Privet Drive)?

That's the only question I have at this point, but I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed this story. Your depiction of Harry, Ginny, and the other Weasleys all followed canon very well, taking into account that this is earlier in their lives than the books take place. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley blithe assurance that Ginny's friend Harry must have people who looked out for his welfare is a common misconception that made sense here (even if it was an incorrect assumption on their parts).

I liked how you wrote the goblins. It made perfect sense for Pickrake to enjoy stirring up a little chaos in the wizarding world when he found out that the Boy Who Lived wasn't being properly watched over by the powers that be in the wizarding world.

When I received an e-mail alerting me to your having updated this story, I decided to re-read all of the earlier chapters, which is how I came to ponder the question listed above. Thank you for continuing with this interesting, well-written story. We all appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

oldman posted a comment on Monday 28th April 2008 7:32am

So you still leave us with a cliff hanger When will Harry and Ginny tell their family? Will Grand ma Prewitt have to mediate? Will Dumbledore's "arrangement" with Petunia work and will Harry and Ginny react via the Goblins?

kyoshi posted a comment on Monday 28th April 2008 7:00am

Thoroughly enjoying this story. It is really cute!

Pooky posted a comment on Saturday 26th April 2008 4:00am

I love this whole story! I discovered it just a few weeks ago. I love Harry/Ginny stories, especially when they come together early. I love that they are married, the innocence that they have, and the fact that they keep "doing" marriage rituals because they like how they feel. They must be the most "married" couple in history! Keep up the great work and please update soon! --Chris (Pooky)

Narcissa Black posted a comment on Friday 25th April 2008 2:46pm

Well, since you thanked another person, I thought you wouldn't be offended if I were to point these out.

"Meanwhile, at the breakfast table, Ginny was dishing plum (jam) into her bowl of porridge. She liked it best with (jam) and a dollop of honey right in the center. She didn't stir the bowl, preferring to get a bite of pure (jam) and honey with each bite."

Musings of Apathy replied:

Thank you very much for the correction.   For some reason, I had already corrected this in my origin file, but not the upload HTML or on the web.   I gave you credit for finding and correcting the homonym for me at the bottom of that chapter.   Thank you.

Mike (MoA)

reynaldo posted a comment on Thursday 24th April 2008 10:10am

wow i like your fic it's great and funny

s2 posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd April 2008 11:42pm

I was really pleased to see this story updated! I think it is an interesting premise and I can't wait to find out what happen next. I enjoy your writing and creativity.

koppe posted a comment on Saturday 19th April 2008 6:55pm

Another great chapter! I really love the way you write from their perspective; the part about being married and her husband living with being something Charlie may feel the parents needed to know was priceless.

I'm wondering a bit about what sort of a deal Dumbledore struck with Petunia, and if that will make the Dursley's trying to reclaim custody. Guess Dumbledore should've asked about the *other* Potter-accounts too...

So the neckless works even better than I thoght...? Though I must admit I was slightly disappointed, as I thought for sure this would be the chapter when the parents found out...
Hope Grandma is able to calm Charlie.

What will happen when they start school? Will the school -- or maybe the Hat -- make some special concidertations?

I must admit I'm also looking forward to when they gain some more knowledge than their childish notions about what a husband and wife actually *do* together... e.g. that it's not *just* about sharing a bed. Not that I expect them do that, but their reaction to "the awful truth" about why people marries should be fun.

Keep up the great work, and update soon.

rune1806 posted a comment on Friday 18th April 2008 7:09am

I do not know what to say, this does nothing to move to story along. Well writen but what was the point.

lydiakate98 posted a comment on Thursday 17th April 2008 12:41am

You are teasing me! I wanted to see Molly's reaction so badly. But the new chapter was great and very much appreciated.

Sterling posted a comment on Wednesday 16th April 2008 11:35am

I really do like this story. So I hope you don't take my critique remiss. However, I believe that this story is becoming a bit stagnant. Harry and Ginny need to be found out sooner rather then later. Having marriage ceremonies and being nearly found out is fine and all but it has been a few chapters of pretty much the same type of thing and I believe the plot needs to be advanced. About the only thing of substance that happened was that Dumbledore discovered Harry was missing and that Petunia was glad to see him go. Both points could have been made a lot quicker with no harm to the story.

Once again I would like to say that I have very much enjoyed this story and thanks for sharing your time and efforts. It is appreciated :-)