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Brad1 posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 5:54am

wow i cant wait for the next chapter keep up the awesome writing! the hand fasting well written. i would like to know what the vine and flower was please! and it's significance to the hand fasting!

Musings of Apathy replied:

Thanks for the review.   The vine was the Good Will Clemantis, a plant pretty much as I described (Link to the flower).   I avoid specifics like that, though, because someone would probably take the trouble to tell me that I got a detail wrong or that it doesn't grow in Britain at all.   I chose it because, a) it was a vine so they could find it in the forest, b) the flowers look perfect for wedding colors (I've seen silver used many times at weddings) and c) any signifigance will have to wait for later.   Although, I may have them plant it in a windowbox planter outside her window.

riegert8 posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 5:36am

I like that Harry and Ginny bind to each other. This is a really good story

happyreader posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 5:15am

nicely done,,,,
Labibah Lovegood and Grandmum Prewett ??? are we to assume that you have need for two pistols on the mantel ?? That is to say the author (you) does not mention the pistol unless it will be used later in the story. mmmmmm just have to wait and see.

mjc posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 5:12am

They did it...hehehehehe

Now I can't wait to see what happens next...other than the fecal matter is definitely going to impact the oscillating air movement device.

RedPhoenix_2k3 posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 4:56am

Well now. The first 'first' has rolled around and the Weasleys are none the wiser. This means that they probably won't notice until they go school shopping for the twins. At the very least they have to get more second hand robes for them I would imagine.

I liked how Harry had his first birthday party away from the Dursleys. Too bad it couldn't have been with the Weasleys but at least they have earned themselves another ally in the fight to keep Harry from the Dursleys.

A handfasting ceremony? Isn't the one that onle lasts for a year and a day and does that mean that the family can still break them up at the end of the years time? Hopefully by that time everyone has realized that they belong to each other and will leave well enough alone.

Grandmum Prewitt (I think that's how its supposed to be spelled) is an interesting character that I can't wait to see how she comes into play. Does she come down on the side of H&G or does she let the cat out of the bag to Molly?

Good job on the update! I was getting a little worried when there hadn't been one for a month. Whew! Hopefully you can find the time to keep writing and that it isn't as long until the next chapter.


Musings of Apathy replied:

Thanks for the lengthy and well considered review.   My research into Hand Fasting showed that it can be a temporary or a permanent solution.   (Link to Hand Fasting)   It all depends on the wording.   And, while this was a handfasting ritual in style, it bonded them permanently, at least that was my intention from my wording.

As far as the spelling goes, according to the Lexicon, it is Prewett.

dave84768768 posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 4:27am

Very cute tale so far. So, when does the wizarding world find out about the vanished hero?

Wergan posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 4:15am

Hey awesome chapter. Well proofread and well put together. You leave a lot of clues as to how things are going to happen while still leaving the door wide open. My one complaint is that it took so long to get this chapter but I guess with how much you got done last month that its understandable. Well have a nice new years, my well wishes to your life and hope that the next chapter is a bit sooner. BTW this is the story I am currently most following. Well have a good new years.

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 4:10am

Great Chapter.


Treck posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 3:55am


Happy New Year

Jadzia7667 posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 3:50am

This is really cute, and well done. I see a few spelling and grammar errors, but not many. I look forward to the next chapter.

Tommy posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 3:47am


Ivy_Snowe posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 3:37am

Wow! That was a action packed chapter, now wasn't it? They get wands, Ginny hexes Ron, Harry and Ginny get married, and Ginny's grandmother is a canny old bird. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Ooh, yours is the first new chapter of the year. Cheers.


clayton day posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 3:34am

Very good but, concidering there had been no discussion of handfasting in the household, wouldn't a mother be wondering what her young daughter is doing with a handfasting mark on her wrist?
This will be interesting when Grandmother and Mother square off. "She did the same thing you did! When and got bonded before her parents knew anything about it. She just did it a bit younger than you did."

Musings of Apathy replied:

How can you assume that Ginny has no knowledge of hand fasting?   We know nothing of the wizarding versions of fairy tales or what was discussed in the household other than what I have revealed and what is canon (not much).

I personally picture this as not too uncommon of a thing, a little girl playing married.   In the muggle world, maybe she goes into her mum's jewelry chest and borrows a ring from an ancestor and wears it in pretend.   In the magic world, who knows what pretend there is?

Thanks for the review.   Keep those thinking juices going.   You'll find more that you have objections to, as I don't want to have to pre-setup all of the little things in the story, preferring to leave some things to be assumed as common, but I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.

Mike (MoA)

Sideline posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 3:16am

This is an interesting story. I like the way you only bring in new characters that would logically exist(ed) in canon; we just haven’t met them yet.

The naiveté works well with Harry and Ginny. Everything they do is perfectly rational to a young child. Harry saying, "That was... We got to do that again" does a good job of showing how blissfully ignorant they are of the whole situation.

Being in Scotland I expect Dumbledore may partake in a shot or two of Johnnie Walker Blue once he gets wind of this; firewhisky seems too common a drink for him, but he’s going to need something! So many things can happen once we get a better idea of how your world treats marriage. I can’t wait for the WTF scene when the Weasley’s discover what’s going on.

Grandmother Prewett strikes me as a different kind of crazy than the Lovegoods. She seems cagey despite indifference to society norms. Upper class women of her generation didn’t let their daughters marry just anyone. I’m guessing she lived life in the company she did because it worked more than any higher principle. I peg her as an INTJ. What this means for Harry and Ginny I can’t decide. Her soft spot for Ginny leads me to believe she’ll be a great help in some way.

Keep up the good work!

Jeremy DuCharme posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 3:08am

She was just about to release Ginny's hands when she saw something on her wrist that was not there before. "Ginny, did you draw this?"

"Hmm?" Ginny responded. She looked at her wrist, as did Harry from under his cloak, and saw a faint, colorful marking that resembled the vine that they had used, which was now in the bag, over her shoulder. Even the leaves and flowers were well represented in a complete circle around her wrist. Harry looked at his own right wrist and saw an identical marking that wasn't there before. Ginny struggled to contain her surprise and lied, "yes, mum, I put it there."

"Well, if this is supposed to be a hand fasting mark, they are usually done with a rope or braid, not a flower, but it's beautiful anyway," Molly praised her. She went on to tease, "And if this is a hand fasting mark, where, pray tell, is your husband?"

"He's invisible," Ginny said truthfully.

Somewhere in the burrow Fred and George shivered. There was a feeling. A feeling someone had embarked on a great and large prank, and they were not a part of it. :)

Sheepstamper posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 1:59am

ohh, this is very good - what is poor Ginny to do??

zac posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 1:48am


Musings of Apathy replied:


Nightwing510 posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 1:43am

I liked how you had Harry & Ginny get married to each other.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 1:38am

You know, with the Lovegoods knowing and accepting, I would have thought that it would be only natural for them to offer for him to stay with them instead.

The handfasting was very nice.

Grandmum's a bit pushy, isn't she? :-)

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Ashley Drury posted a comment on Saturday 30th December 2006 6:31am

Hi there,

I'm excited about this story, please keep up the excellent work.


Ashley Drury