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Colpinky posted a comment on Tuesday 26th December 2006 4:03am

Good story. Definately one of the more interesting stories using this plot line that I've read. Keep up the good work.

Danielle posted a comment on Monday 25th December 2006 11:52am

Wow great story keep it up

Pleather Boots posted a comment on Wednesday 20th December 2006 3:37pm

This was great! I enjoyed it very much. I thought the comment about the meat pies was VERY odd.........until I remembered who made it, LOL.

Wergan posted a comment on Saturday 16th December 2006 10:36pm

Hello, I know I'm being impatient but any chance of chapter 4 anytime soon?

spritestar posted a comment on Wednesday 13th December 2006 5:12am

i'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 12th December 2006 4:21am

I really like this story. I will be interested to see how you develope the Harry and Ginny relationsip. I think it is great the way they got together. Thank you so much for writing. I am also a great fan of cracked resevoire. pms

veela504 posted a comment on Monday 11th December 2006 8:24am

I love it! More please! Is there any way I can receive alert notices as to when you update? Please!

Musings of Apathy replied:

Thanks for the review.

Yes, you can receive E-mail notifications if you click on the link at the top of the page called Email Alerts and checking the box under my author's name for 'Harry Potter'.   While you are there, you can select any other authors to receive alerts from as well.

oldman posted a comment on Sunday 10th December 2006 6:33am

I like it. A very enjoyable idea with a lot of chaos and confusion to be had. Can we assume a friendship between Pickrake and Harry and Ginny?

Please do not neglect "cracked reservoir" I have really enjoyed it and surely it can run again?

Rene Otto posted a comment on Sunday 10th December 2006 5:59am

I am very happy you plan on keeping this story going. At this time I consider this one of my favorite stories and look forward to reading more.

milk posted a comment on Saturday 9th December 2006 1:55am

wow; i hope you write more soon. it was really good.

azntgr01 posted a comment on Friday 8th December 2006 12:28pm

Great story so far! I love Pre-Hogwarts stories. =)

Mikee posted a comment on Monday 4th December 2006 5:17am

What a fun story. I am quite enjoying it. I love how you've characterized everyone. I quite enjoyed Mr. Lovegood's explanation about how it was he and Luna could see Harry and were, indeed, drawn to him when he wore the necklace.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing what happens when Mr. and Mrs. Weasley find themselves one hundred galleons richer.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what happens when Dumbledore finds out Harry isn't at the Dursleys.

Thank you.

Chris1 posted a comment on Monday 4th December 2006 12:36am

Great story :) I love the interaction between Harry and Ginny. You kept their innocence perfectly.

Thanks for sharing this story with us.


koppe posted a comment on Sunday 3rd December 2006 10:30pm

"Not until you are an adult or married"... "(...)book on wizarding traditions and marriages..." *snort* Talk about giving match-box to someone in a firework-storage...

Seriously, I *do* hope that they'll find a way of getting married before Harry is discovered -- and I hope they'll be discovered througly (e.g. the whole family watching them sharing a bed for a few moments)...

Please update soon,

koppe posted a comment on Sunday 3rd December 2006 9:33pm

Great story! I'm loving it so far... keep it up!
Hmmm... why do I have a feeling that Arthur or Molly sooner or later will not *only* discover that their youngest child -- and only daughter -- have been sleeping (although admittedly only sleeping) with a member of the opposite sex; but that they've gotten married too? ;-D
I'm looking forward to *much* more (despite November being over)...
Keep up the *great* work,

christine posted a comment on Sunday 3rd December 2006 4:24pm

getting too excited, i cant wait for the next chapter. wohoooooo.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 3rd December 2006 2:56am

Pickrake is very entertaining. I especially liked his final paragraph, so suggestive of what might happen because of all this. Loved the Dursleys not getting money because of Lily's wishes regarding Harry. More please. Great chapter.

ichtys posted a comment on Saturday 2nd December 2006 11:14pm

Great chapter. My only critisism is that it was a bit fragmented with all the different POV. (It was also too short;-) )

I look forward to read about shared baths. I know they are completely innocent, but it should be a bit akward for Harry, since he has no experience with shared baths. ("Why do you look different from me, Ginny?" "I'm a girl Harry, I'm supposed to look different.")
I wonder if they are able to keep quiet during baths. I can imagine them having fun, resulting in Ginny having to explain why she is laughing while she was taking a bath (presumably) by her self.

Can Harry walk around the Burrow with only his Galaxy-charm on? If he can leave Ginny's room without his invisibility-cloak it would improve his mobility.
Also, how poverful is the charm? Ginny was unable to see Harry, but she could hear him talking, (she was rather startled by his voice IIRC.) Does this mean Harry can walk freely around, as long as he dosn't make a sound?

Very nice twist with the Lovegoods, I haven't seen that explanation for Luna's "wierdness" before.

Pickrake sending them to the wault after mentioning the book about marriages was quite entertaining. I had a vision of Ginny asking her Dad about some words they didn't understand:
"Dad, I was wondering what it means to 'consumate a marriage'?"
"Well, it means that after you are married, you sleep with your husband."
(Ginny, not knowing the difference between 'sleeping with' and 'Sleeping With' someone is satisfied by the answer, knowing that she and Harry will have no problems 'sleeping with' each other.)

I look forward to read the next chapter.

I was wondering if you could promote the discussion thread about this fic that is posted on your forum. I, for one, would like to hear what other people think lies ahead for Harry and Ginny, and doing so in the reviews is a bother.

Regards Ichtys

Musings of Apathy replied:

Quite right, I will promote the thread on the forums.   I will be letting the discussion go without my own firm guidance so that I don't spoil furure plots, but if asked for clarification of an event that has already occured, I'll try to respond if I see it.

Thanks for reviewing and thanks for starting the thread on the forum.

JBern posted a comment on Saturday 2nd December 2006 9:04pm

Like I said elsewhere, really enjoying the story. I am curious to see where you will go with it. I like the fact you made the Dursleys have a modicum of intelligence to cover their tracks. That in itself is praise worthy.


fountaam posted a comment on Saturday 2nd December 2006 8:53pm

Lovely. :)