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Patches posted a comment on Thursday 4th January 2007 1:31pm

I am really enjoying this story. I can't wait to see what impact the hand fasting has on the story and what Dumbledore and the Weaseley Parents etc.'s reaction will be. Thank you so much for writing this story. pms

Crys posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 7:09pm

First time I've read any of the story, so I'll start with a comment from the last chapter.

The goblins knew that Harry was hiding at the Weasleys but also allowed him to contribute money to their vault without comment? Shouldn't they be warning him that doing so would indicate to them that SOMETHING was going on?

So Harry, not concealed, goes shopping. Wonder how long that'll take to get into the Prophet . . . With Ginny Weasley and the Lovegoods in the pic, to boot. Huh, didn't happen. Well, good news for the kids at any rate.

The bath was well handled, especially considering their ages.

"Labibah" . . . Such unique names. Anyway, so she's a Legilimens. Good to have another ally.

> Without questioning why, Bill had ...
It'll be interesting to see when Bill notices (or admits to having noticed).

> The receiving vault had been dormant for quite a while
I can think of three names that are likely, here. It'll be interesting to see which one.

Harry's getting that binding material: The description of the plants was WAY too precise to not be important. The fact that he did it all, quite literally, by hand is a nice touch on the magical plane.

Yeow. For them to pull off a ritual like that, without ANY true magical knowledge, nor of what they're really getting themselves into . . . They have to be hugely powerful.

Oh, dear. Now that they're married, they're both effectively "of age". At seven and eight. Lord and Lady Potter.

> "He's invisible," Ginny said truthfully.
Hell, admit that it's Harry Potter. It won't be any more unbelievable *grin*

Ah, Grandmum clearly knows something is up. Heck, why not tell her the truth? Not only can't she really do anything about it, she could become a valuable ally if needs be. And if my reading of Prewetts being a totally different "crust" than the Weasleys is any indication, she would most definitely approve of her beloved granddaughter marrying a Potter.

Are marriages public knowledge?

Entertaining story. Looking forward to more.

Kail Ceannai posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 10:13am

A lovely chapter =)

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 3:43am

Grandmum Prewett sounds like a lot of fun I think. Can't wait to find out her reaction to her granddaughter's marriage. Beautiful ceremony too. More please. Great chapter.

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 12:17am

Most awesome!!! I look forward to seeing if Grandmum Prewitt will keep the secret or not . . . Keep up the good work.

Thanks for sharing


Chris1 posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 6:40pm

Nice developments :)

Looking forward to seeing what will happen next. And to Grandmum Pretwett's reaction. *grin*


milk posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 12:02pm

oookay. what's gonna happen now? well, whatever it is, i hope it happens soon!

john2 posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 11:24am

I've been enjoying this story, no matter how unlikely the premise. The simplicity of the love is heartwarming.

Boarder is someone who lives with another, usually for a fee.

Border is the edge of something.

The words are not interchangeable.


Musings of Apathy replied:

Thanks.   The correction is made.

Mike (MoA)

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 11:22am

Continuing to enjoy reading this story; thanks for continuing to write it!

Colpinky posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 10:43am

I'm enjoying your story. The last bit about Ginny's boyfriend being invisible is great. Now the only question is, what is Grandmum Prewett going to do? keep up the good work.

KenF posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 9:05am

I another story a witch stated that a husband is like a fine wine. He should be plucked young, stomped thoroughly, and kept in the dark until he matures into something you'd like to have with dinner. Seems like Ginny is on the same plan.

PerfesserN posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 6:15am

I loved that little exchange between Molly and Ginny
"Where, pray tell, is your husband?"
"He's invisible." She answered truthfully
Excellent story - I enjoyed reading "Fate's Debt" too, but Intromit seems to have left us in the lurch.
I have faith that you won't.

Pathfinder985 posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 5:18am

Very interesting chapter. Lots of good cliffhangers. Will Grandmum get to the truth? Amd will she share with her daughter? Will there be owls from Gringotts to the burrow addressed to the Potters? Or from the ministry? What will Molly do when the mark around Ginny's wrist doesn't wash off? Will she find Harry by walking in on the two of them in the bath? Or finally find the dragon in the closet while Ginny and the "lump" in the bed are still sleeping? Will Dumbledore ever discover that Harry is missing? Will Harry and Ginny beome Lord and Lady before they turn nine? Can't wait to see which way you take this. Excellent storyline. You've got us begging for more and drooling on our keyboards while we read. Keep up the good work.

ken payne posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 4:30am

Another nice chapter in a very cute story. I think you might have missed a nice recurring joke at the end there. Molly could have followed up her question about where he was with one about what his name was. She would still beleive Ginny is making things up, maybe even more so, but could call her Mrs. Potter in Fun. Of course Ginny would reply that she was lady Potter, instead.

Anyway. I enjoy this story imensely, and hope to see more.


Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 2:28am

A very good chapter. I didn't expect Ginny and Harry to be "Hand Fasted" this early in the story. This is a great story. I can imagine two young children performing a ritual like this. I love the "vine" on their wrists! That is such a beautiful image. I wonder what Grandmum Prewett is going to do and what Ginny is going to tell her! This is getting good! I look forward to your next update. Thanks for writing. pms

Sibling Creature posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 1:49am

I love Molly's reacion to seeing the handfasting mark and Ginny's response. :-)

Ken Warner posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 1:33am

What a wonderful way of showing the ceremonies and cultural trappings of the wizarding world, from the perspective of children too young to really question the going-ons of the adults - and the innocent singlemindedness of the 2 vowing to be together forever, and creating bonds that will last and become stronger while remaining pure in the fullest sense of the words.
thanks for a wonderful story - each chapter is fascinating and insightful, the sketch of Fortescue is an example of how in a few words you have brought a character to life and made them unique.
Your writings have improved and become of very high quality over the last year - thanks for sharing them with us.
Warmest regards and wishes for a Happy New Year

speedy_86 posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 10:59pm

Hey this chapter is good!!
I love your stories and will be waiting for the next chapter of either Family Inseparable or Cracked Reservoir.

Loved Gram Prewett and the marriage ritual.

These two are so naïve and innocent...incredible.

Wish you much luck and inspiration


OnegaiSilver posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 7:03pm

Another splendid chapter! I found that when I came to review this chapter that Nyeshet had already touched upon all the points I would have brought up and expounded upon.

Just as re-enforcement then, I congratulate you on the Weasley vault scene, as I had myself wondered how the extra gold would stay unnoticed for long.

Bravo, and I hope that we do not have to wait quite so long for the next one.

koppe posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 7:02pm

Ohh... keeps getting better and better.
Loved the bathroom scene and the wedding was beautiful -- hope he remember the rings.
I would love if Ginny asks her mom (perhaps after seeing a pregnant witch in the Diagona. when they shop for school) how babies are made, and she afterwards storms to Harry and tells him "Do you know what married people do?!?".
I'm looking forward to Ginny writing/talking to her Grandma about her husband -- and hope Grandma insist on meedting Harry.
Finally I hope they'll get found out in some spectacular way (like being caught sleeping in the same bed -- and first woken-up after the whole family have seen), but I hope there are a few near misses first -- like Ginny recieving a letter addressed to "Ginny Potter nee Weasley" (as one reviewer suggested) and the ring being seen (both being eventually dismissed as child's play and makebelieve).
Keep up the *great* work (and please update _soon_).